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Collaborative Labor Relations

As the economy becomes more global and the changing nature of work accelerates, employers and unions can no longer conduct business as usual. Some workplaces continue to hold on to the traditional hierarchical structures and – by so doing – continue to experience labor-management tensions, low productivity and deteriorating morale.

However, some employers and unions have developed a new approach based on collaborative relationships and partnerships between these traditional adversaries. Pioneering workplaces and supporting studies have shown that an engaged and committed workforce, combined with employers who highly value these employees and their contributions, create an environment for mutual success.

Traditional collective bargaining inevitably involves some give and take by adversaries at the negotiation table, with each side submitting their own demands and making concessions through the exchange of proposals and counter-proposals. Our interest-based training and contract facilitation practice assists both labor and management negotiators to utilize alternative bargaining techniques, skills and strategies designed to maximize the parties success at the bargaining table, while preserving and building long-term relationships and partnerships between labor and management representatives.

Since the early 1990’s, our firm has trained hundreds of union and management negotiators and facilitated their contract negotiations to their mutually satisfactory conclusion. A partial list of the groups trained and contracts facilitated follows: