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Our firm has filed a class action lawsuit against SOSi over various pay issues, alleging that SOSi violated the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the California Labor Code.  The lawsuit was filed in the federal court in Los Angeles, and is on behalf of all interpreters nationwide.  Because we believe SOSi also violated specific protections for employees under California law, we also filed claims on behalf of all interpreters in California under the California Labor Code.


What is a class action lawsuit?

In a class action lawsuit, a few people stand for and represent a larger group of people.  Those people are known as “class representatives.”  The claim is pursued on behalf of a larger group of people, the “class members.”  If the case is successful, everyone in the class, or the larger group of people who are affected by SOSi’s practices, will benefit.  A class action is a more efficient way of having the court hear the claims of a large group of people.


What is involved in the class action process?

Because in a class action certain individual represent a larger group of people, we must get permission from the court to proceed as a class action.  If the court grants us permission to proceed as a class, all members of the class will receive a notice approved by the court letting them know that they will be part of a class action lawsuit.


How can I be a part of the lawsuit?

The lawsuit is filed on behalf of all SOSi interpreters.  If the court grants our request to proceed as a class action, you will be automatically included and do not need to contact us to be a part of it.  Proceeding as a class means that all interpreters affected by SOSi’s violations will be included.


Do I need to do anything to be a part of the lawsuit?

No, you do not need to do anything to be a part of the lawsuit.  You will be automatically included if the court grants permission for us to proceed as a class action.


What if I do not want to be a part of the lawsuit?

If the court grants our request to proceed as a class, the court will order a notice to be sent to all affected interpreters.  That notice will give you instructions on how you can exclude yourself at that time.


Do I have to be a member of the IGA, Pacific Media Workers Guild, or another organization to be a class member?

No, you do not need to be a member of any organization to be included in the class.  IGA and the Pacific Media Workers Guild may pursue other actions on behalf of their members, but those are separate from the class action lawsuit.


How do the attorneys in this case get paid?

If this case is successful, the attorneys will file a motion for attorneys’ fees with the court. 


How can I receive updates on the case?

We will post updates on the case on this website as the case develops.


Can I receive a copy of the complaint and case documents?

The complaint is the document that initiates a lawsuit.  A copy of the complaint is available here.


Why are specific people named in the lawsuit?  Why were they chosen?  Why is my name not part of the lawsuit?

In this lawsuit, we have chosen specific people whose experience is representative of the group of interpreters as a whole and the claims we have made.  We made this decision based on factual and legal reasons based on the claims we made.  It does not imply favoritism towards these people, or that they will benefit from the lawsuit and others will not.  If the lawsuit is successful, the entire group will benefit.  You do not need to be specifically named in the lawsuit to benefit from a class action if you are a class member.