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Employment Law

Representing Employees and Enforcing Their Rights.

Our commitment to working people extends far beyond the bounds of traditional labor law and includes representing employees who have been mistreated, improperly paid, discriminated against or wrongfully terminated by their employers. Beeson, Tayer & Bodine’s established and growing individual employment practice has resulted in substantial recoveries for our individual employee clients.

State and federal laws provide employees with particular employment rights. If you believe your employer may have treated you unjustly, we can evaluate your claim and vigorously enforce your rights with respect to:

If you believe your employer has mistreated you or failed to adhere to the standards required by law, please contact us to discuss confidentially your particular situation, or view our Job Rights section to learn more about your rights.

Class Action Litigation

In addition to representing individuals, we represent employees in class actions and are routinely appointed as class-counsel by federal and state courts. We take pride in our vigorous enforcement of employment rights, and Beeson Tayer & Bodine is one of a few law firms that has brought such cases to trial, rather than accepting a settlement that fails to provide adequate compensation. Our class-action lawsuits have covered all varieties of wage and hour claims, and many are borne out of the increasingly prevalent practice of employers misclassifying employees as independent contractors in order to avoid labor code requirements.

Our Approach

With our experience and dedication to worker rights, we view our representation of you as a partnership; we take seriously our role as your counsel — not just your attorney. We will evaluate and advise you only after we have explored and understood your needs and goals. You will not be asked to make any decision until after you have had a full opportunity to understand and consider the issues and complexities presented by your particular situation. Once we undertake to represent you, our approach will be to proceed directly but strategically.

If you suspect you have had your rights violated and would like to learn more, view our Job Rights section or contact one of our offices to discuss your particular situation.

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