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Gearing Up For Widespread Teacher Layoffs

January 13, 2009 by

In recent years, layoff of school employees has unfortunately been an annual Spring ritual for many school districts, as the state budget battle has waxed and waned, impacting school budgets projections and leading districts to shed staff at the close of each school year in June. Then, once the state budget is adopted in the summer or early fall, many of those same employees are rehired as finances stabilized for the next school year.

Beeson, Tayer & Bodine has been involved in layoffs and related hearings held to confirm that the employment data on which the districts rely are correct as to the individuals threatened with layoff, and that the rehire rights are in place for the next school year.

This Spring the layoff ritual will be repeated but on a much greater scale. Given the ongoing budget impasse and impending fiscal disaster in California, indications are that public school employees statewide will face massive layoffs soon. There’s talk of getting legislative authority to “pink-slip” teachers and other school employees mid-spring in addition to the end of the school year. The cuts will be wide and deep. For instance, the Sacramento City Unified School District is looking at closing 28 schools and laying off 500 teachers out of its 3,000-member teaching staff. Those kinds of reductions will be seen in small school and mediumsize school districts as well.

As always, we BT&B will do all we can to save employees’ jobs.

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